Beta Instructions for GiftBot™

What is a GiftBot?

Whether you keep in touch with friends, family or colleagues through Facebook Messenger, Skype or whether you use Siri as a virtual assistant, you can now use the Swych GiftBot inside these apps to conveniently send a gift to any of your contacts, at any time, right from your phone or desktop using simple natural language commands. For your security, you must confirm the payment in your Swych mobile app; it’s that easy.



Facebook Messenger:

Do you use Facebook’s chat function? If so, you just need to add “Swych GiftBot” to your contacts. If you don’t have Facebook Messenger, you can download them here: iOS or Android. Then open a conversation with the Swych GiftBot, that’s it!


Do you prefer chatting via Skype? We can do that, too! Simply follow this link and add “Swych GiftBot” to your Skype contacts. Then just click on the Swych GiftBot contact in Skype and start a conversation.


Do you use Siri to call or text your friends or check for weather? Now you can ask it to send a gift using Swych. Please note that in order to test the Swych service with Siri, you must have iOS 10.0 or above on your iPhone. Once you have that, there is no specific setup required, just follow the instructions below.

Testing the Swych GiftBot:

You must have the Swych mobile app installed to be able to test the Swych GiftBot. If you don’t, please go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for Swych and install it.

If you are testing the GiftBot on the desktop version of Facebook Messenger or Skype, you will need to have your mobile phone with your Swych app handy for the next steps below.

Here are a couple of things you can try with Skype or Facebook Messenger:

  • Start a conversation by saying “Hi,” and then follow the prompts
  • Send a gift to someone in your contact list by searching by Name, Mobile Number or Email
  • When confirming the gift in your Swych App, you will have the option to change the gift card to a different one
  • Add a special message to send with your gift

Trying Siri (for iPhone users only):

  • Make sure your iPhone has iOS 10.0 or above, and you have the latest Swych app installed.
  • If there is an App update for Swych available, please update.
  • Open your Swych app, login, go to Settings and click on “Get Bot Link Code.”
  • Exit the Swych app, Press and Hold the home button to activate Siri and then Say “Hey Siri, Send Money with Swych.” Siri will ask you for permission (only for the first time you try this) to access your Swych data. Please click on “Yes”
  • You can then follow the prompts. It’s that easy!

When you have finished this testing, click here to share your experience.

Providing Feedback:

You can provide your feedback by visiting and completing a short survey. Please be sure to include your contact information so we can follow up with you both on your responses as well as your reward for testing for us.