Gift PERFECTION Every Time: 4 Ways to Get Your Gifting Spot On!

Tired of having the gifts you’ve given met with sarcasm or an ungrateful stare or shrug? You spend all that precious time at the mall or online trying to find the perfect gift to give to your friend, family member or bae, only to later realize that it wasn’t, in fact, what they really wanted. Which means all your time and efforts were rendered futile.

If you’re a novice at gifting and aim for gift perfection every time you select a gift for a loved one, we’re here to help you out! Here are 4 simple hacks to help you select the perfect gift and get your gifting game spot on!

What’s The Occasion?

Picking the perfect gift for someone would first and foremost depend on the occasion. Is it a birthday, an anniversary, a congratulatory gift for an achievement, Father’s/Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a return/thank you gift? Depending on the occasion, the gift should be selected accordingly.

Birthday gifts should spark content and happiness, making the person feel younger and evergreen on their special day. Select shopping vouchers for mothers and sisters from their favourite clothing brand outlet such as Pantaloons, Myntra or Shoppers Stop; gift cards for electronics and sports goods for dads and bros. These make for great gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day too.

Anniversary gifts should invoke a more romantic, warm feeling, bringing back to both partners, happy feelings of their wedding day, reminiscing old memories. Great examples include jewellery for her and a fancy watch for him. Congratulatory gifts for a great achievement could include gift vouchers treating the person to an afternoon at their favourite coffee shop followed by the latest movie flick, or books by their favourite author.

The Customer is the King

Or in this case, the receiver of the gift. Who are you gifting? Your mom, dad, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife … the list goes on. Depending on the receiver of the gift, great care and thought has to go into the gift selection process.

You don’t want to gift your aged dad a pair of loud Nike sneakers, but instead a set of golf clubs to help him improve his swing on the course. You wouldn’t want to gift your teenage sister an outdated pair of boyfriend jeans but something more age-relevant like a Sephora makeup kit or gift vouchers to her favourite in-trend clothing store. Beauty products for your sisters and the latest electronic gadgets for your brothers work well, too. Keeping the receiver in mind, make sure your gift selection is age, gender and personality-appropriate to nail the art of perfect gifting.

It’s the Thought That Counts

What do you want your gift to convey? Feelings of happiness, romance, gratitude, surprise? Whatever the feeling you wish to invoke, keep the same feeling in mind while picking out the gift. A birthday gift like cards, chocolates, flowers or other gift should invoke happy, warm feelings. Anniversary presents like roses, perfume, jewellery for him and her should convey romantic feelings of love, belonging and appreciation.

While picking out the perfect gift, keep in mind the thought or feeling that you want to emanate from the receiver of the gift. If your thoughts, feelings and emotions are the same that radiate from the receiver, then you’ve got your gifting game on point.

The Exchange Factor

By now, with our spot-on gifting advice, you should have mastered the art of selecting the perfect gift. But, if your gift still receives the cold shoulder, you should make sure that the receiver is able to exchange it for something that he or she would prefer. Make sure that the gifts you give are returnable/exchangeable so that your money doesn’t go to waste and more importantly the receiver can switch it for something they really need or really want.

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