Global Gifting App Swych Partners with Plastic Bank to Launch “#CutthePlastic” Campaign in Honor of Earth Day

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Dallas, TEXAS, April 22, 2019 – Swych, a digital gifting platform that currently processes more than a million digital gifting transactions a year for both consumers and businesses, today announced the launch of the “#CutThePlastic” campaign in honor of Earth Day, a global event designed to boost awareness for climate change and help end plastic pollution, protect endangered species, and activate a global environmental movement.

“#CutThePlastic” is designed to encourage consumers to upload their gift cards to Swych’s app, recycle them, and then migrate completely to digital gift cards. By eliminating redundant plastic, the campaign will play a role in not only broadcasting the next wave of technological innovation but also contribute to environmental sustainability and a small step closer to zero waste. Swych will celebrate Earth Day in the following ways:

  • Incentivize consumers to download the Swych mobile app, convert their existing physical gift cards to digital via uploading the gift cards to their Swych account and recycling/upcycling the physical card(s).
    • For every plastic gift card uploaded to Swych, a $0.10 contribution will be made to Plastic Bank.
    • Swych users who upload their cards will receive various rewards including coupons and Swych points that may be traded for digital gift cards within the Swych app.

Swych’s Vice President of Marketing, Stephanie Barrueto, said “We created the #CutThePlastic campaign to bring awareness to the growing global issue of plastic waste. Over a billion gift cards are printed every year, equating to roughly 9,000 tons of plastic that end up in our oceans. We want to encourage people to support the #CutThePlastic mission and shift to digital gifting.  We teamed up with Plastic Bank because they personify what this campaign is all about and continue to do incredible work in not only eradicating plastic waste but monetizing it in a way that improves lives.”

Consumers can join the campaign by sharing the hashtag #CutThePlastic on social media, tagging friends and posting the photos of the physical gift cards they just “upcycled.”

The majority of physical gift cards are made from a plastic resin called PVC, 75 million pounds of which enters the waste stream each year. This type of plastic is, for the most part, still not accepted by household waste disposers, making the process of disposing gift cards highly inconvenient. As a result, most end up in our oceans, over time breaking down and potentially being ingested by marine life. Swych provides global, digital gifting experiences without negatively impacting the world in which we live.

David Katz, Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank said “Plastic Bank is thrilled to find new and innovative ways to cut plastic pollution, and Swych exemplifies the core of our mission. Through our new partnership, Swych users everywhere can create tangible impact in vulnerable communities, reduce ocean plastic, and move confidently into the future of gifting: gifts that give back.”

The Swych app is available for download on iOS and Android. For more information, please visit

About Swych

Swych is a mobile gifting platform enabling users to send “swychable” gifts from their mobile device that can be instantly redeemed for electronic gift cards from more than 600+ popular brands. Swych users can instantly buy, send, re-gift, upload, “swych” and redeem gift cards conveniently from their mobile device.

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The Swych app is available for download on iOS and Android. For more information, please visit For Gift Cards India, please visit and

About Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank fights ocean plastic and alleviates extreme poverty by empowering disenfranchised communities to turn pollution into wealth. Collected plastic can be exchanged by local residents for rewards such as cash, digital tokens, school tuition, healthcare, and insurance. Membership Bonuses are added to rewards to ensure stable and fair wages for our Members. The plastic is then recycled into raw material, called Social Plastic®, and used to manufacture new products. We call this circular economy the Social Plastic Ecosystem.