Hey Siri, Send a Gift! Swych™ Launches World’s first Person-to-Person Gifting Bot Solution

Hey Siri, Send a Gift! Swych™ Launches World’s first Person-to-Person Gifting Bot Solution

Award winning Artificial Intelligence GiftBot™ platform is now open for beta testing

PLANO, TEXAS — February 14, 2017: Swych, Inc., creator of the revolutionary digital gifting platform, announced today the beta release of its new bot technology for person-to-person gifting. Winner of the Most Innovative Startup at the FinovateFall 2016 event, Swych™ is a mobile first, highly secure, context aware digital gifting platform with advanced analytics. Adding another world’s first to its portfolio, Swych GiftBot™ technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to bring gifting to popular messaging and virtual assistant apps.

“The paradigm for consumer interaction with brands is at the cusp of a revolution where technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality are gearing up to overtake traditional web- and app-based commerce. We are proud to be the first mobile gifting service to bring machine learning, AI and advanced data analytics into the fast growing digital gifting space,” said Deepak Jain, Swych chief executive officer and co-founder.

Swych’s GiftBot uses strong user authentication along with an open and extensible artificial intelligence layer that enables a rich and dynamic user experience to send digital gifts to anyone in your social network. With the Swych GiftBot service, users can initiate e-gifts quickly and easily to anyone using a smartphone, desktop or tablet, from within their favorite chat, messaging or virtual assistant application. The GiftBot identifies a recipient from just a first name, automatically picking up the mobile phone number or email address for instant delivery. GiftBot then makes recommendations for the gift and allows personalization via a greeting, all from within that Facebook or Skype conversation where the idea of gift giving is top of mind, seamlessly aligning timing and intent. For enhanced security, users receive a confirmation within the Swych app to authorize and pay for the gift after the GiftBot has finished creating it from the conversation.

Gifts sent through the Swych GiftBot function exactly like gifts sent directly from the Swych mobile app: all gifts received in Swych put the recipients in charge. Receiving a digital gift inside Swych is delightful, since any gift received can be swyched for any of more than one hundred retailers available within the app, ensuring a perfect gift experience every time. Each gift is accompanied by a personalized message or a picture from the sender, and the recipient can say thanks with a click.

Robert P. Sabella, chief revenue officer and co-founder for Swych, added, “Most mobile usage studies show that consumers prefer to interact with friends, family and colleagues predominantly in social media apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Slack or WhatsApp. The use of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Home is also growing at a very fast clip. Swych’s GiftBot platform opens the door for our gifting brand partners to take advantage of this trend and connect to their consumers in an entirely new way.”

Swych has designed the GiftBot platform to be white label ready for financial institutions, enterprises and retailers. Today’s public beta release presents an avenue for the platform to interact with consumers to enhance its machine learning and brand recommendation engines, as well as and discover more ways in which a gift can be sent. Beta testing is open on both iOS and Android platforms for users of Facebook Messenger, Skype and Siri. You can learn more about GiftBot and the beta release at http://goswych.com/giftbot.

To learn more about the Swych mobile platform, or to download the latest app, visit http://goswych.com/download/.

Give, Get, Swych™.

Siri, Skype and Messenger are trademarks for Apple, Microsoft and Facebook respectively. In order to use the Swych GiftBot on Siri, users must have iOS 10.0 or above.