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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Swych?
Swych is a mobile gift card mall that lets you instantly send friends and family gift cards that can be redeemed or swyched for another retailer, keeps all your gift cards in one place, and help you earn rewards with every purchase.

You can learn more on our website.

What countries does Swych work in?
Swych is only available in the United States.

Does it cost money to download the Swych app?
No. Everything about Swych is absolutely FREE!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We gladly accept:

How do I download the Swych mobile app?
We have Swych apps for iPhone and Android.

For iPhone users: You can install the Swych app from the App Store.

For Android users: You can install the Swych app from Google Play.

What if my app freezes?
If the app is acting up we recommend force closing it and opening it again! Sometimes it just needs a refresh.


I forgot my Password, how do I reset? To reset your password open the Swych app on your mobile device and tap “Forgot Password.” Then just follow the prompts in the app. How do I update my password? To update your password:

  1.      Open the Swych app on your mobile device
  2.      Tap Account > Settings
  3.      Click on Change Password
  4.      Enter the old (current) password then the new password
  5.      Don’t forget to save!

I requested an email to reset my password, but never got it! If you requested a new password but didn’t receive your password-reset email:

I changed my phone number, and now I can’t access my account! The Swych app and your account are tied directly to your mobile number. But if you change your mobile number, just contact support and our team will be happy to help you get up and gifting again. You will need to provide your previous mobile number and contact details along with your new information. How do I close my Swych account? We are sad to see you go! To close your Swych account please contact support. Please include the reason on why you would like for us to close your account.


What happens if Swych cancels a card purchase? If Swych cancels a transaction, you will not be charged.

Why was my order declined? To provide our users with the highest level of service, we have certain security measures to ensure your gift card order is safely processed. If your order was declined it maybe for one or more of the following reasons:

You may try:

Note: If there are any pending charges on your bank or credit card account, they will be cleared within 7 business days. Where are the gift cards I ordered?All gift cards are digital and will be saved in your Swych mobile account. If you sent a gift card to a friend, they will receive an email or text message to help them claim the e-gift card in their Swych Wallet depending on the delivery method you selected. To access your gift card, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Swych account on your mobile device
  2. Select My Cards
  3. Tap on the gift card and then tap on the card again to display the gift code. Displaying the code is the same as scratching off the silver foil or removing the sticker on a plastic gift card and can only be seen if you’ve claimed the gift card. If you’ve claimed the gift card, that means you’ve accepted the card and now you can redeem it in stores or online.

What is your return policy? All purchases through Swych mobile apps are final. Please see our terms of sale. My gift card order got declined, but I still got charged. What happened? If your order was declined, you may see a pending charge on your bank or credit card account. This charge will be cleared within 7 days depending on your payment institution.


How do I Swych a Gift Card I received? Only cards that are received through Swych that have yet to be issued/redeemed can be swyched for another retailer or brand. There three ways to swych your card:

From Notifications:  When you get a gift card from friends or family through Swych you will receive a notification letting you know. Simply tap “OK” on the screen and the card details screen will automatically open. Swipe left and right to view recommended cards you can swych to. If you would like to see the full list simply tap on the MORE CARDS button and scroll through the list or start typing the brand or retailer you prefer. Once you have a new gift card selected tap “Swych” and you card will be ready for use in store and online right from your phone. Please note that cards can only be swyched once.

From My Cards: Select the card you would like to Swych to view the card details page. Swipe left and right to view recommended cards you can swych to. If you would like to see the full list simply tap on the Search icon and scroll through the list or start typing the brand or retailer you prefer. Once you have a new gift card selected tap “Swych” and you card will be ready for use in-store and online right from your phone. Please note that cards can only be swyched once.

At Checkout:  Select the card(s) you would like to purchase and the amounts and hit next. Then select Swychable Card on that same screen to apply any available, swychable card. Cards can only be swyched directly if they are for an equal value.  If you are swyching to a card of a higher value, you will be directed to select a payment method for the difference using any available payment method within the Swych app.

Can I Swych Cards that I have saved? Yes! Simply select the gift card that you would like to swych to view the card details. On the card details screen simply swipe left or right to view alternative gift cards available, or swipe right and tap More to see the full list, or use the search icon to enter in a specific brand or retailer. Once you have selected the new gift card that you would like to use tap “Swych.” Once card are swyched they are ready for use, automatically issued, and cannot be swyched again. Can I Swych Cards that I uploaded? Currently only card received through Swych that have not yet been issued for redemption can be swyched. However, this feature is coming, please stay tuned! Can I Swych Cards that I have already issued or redeemed? Currently only cards received through Swych that have not yet been issued for redemption can be swyched. However, this feature is coming, please stay tuned! Can I Swych Cards that I have already swyched? Currently only cards received through Swych that have not yet been issued for redemption can be swyched.


How do I get gift cards back that I accidentally archived? To retrieve gift cards that were accidentally archived open settings in the Swych Mobile app, tap “Archived Cards” select the gift card that was accidentally deleted and tap “Unarchive”. How do I sort my gift cards?

  1.      In the Swych app, click the sort icon from the upper right
  2.      From the list, select how you would like the gift cards sorted

How long will it take for my order to process? Orders are typically pretty instant, but there are occasions where it can take up to 24 hours to process. In most cases, processing times are much shorter than that. We appreciate your patience!


How To Apply A Promotion Code

  1.      Select the gift card retailer and denomination that pertains to the promotion
  2.      On the Select Amount page, enter the promotion code in the promo code box and tap Apply
  3.      Proceed to the checkout page and enter your payment information
  4.      The discount will be applied at checkout

If the discount is not applied please check the terms of the promotion.

I received a gift card, what do I do next? When someone sends you an e-gift card, they’ll choose to notify you by email, by text message, or both ways. You will be provided a link to download the Swych app if you haven’t already and then asked to create a Swych account. The gift card will be saved into your Swych account, which you can also add to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet for easy access and redemption. 

How do I send a Gift Card as a gift? You can instantly send gift cards from the Swych mobile app. All you need is your recipient’s email address or mobile number! To send gift cards:

  1.      Open the Swych app.
  2.      In iOS, tap the Gift icon at the bottom of the screen; in Android, tap Send at the top of the screen.
  3.      Select your contact from your contact list, or tap “+” and enter your recipient’s info, and select their mobile number to proceed.
  4.      Select the gift card you would like to send
  5.      Choose your card value, and personalize your gift with any messages you would like to include and then tap the Next button.
  6.      Complete the checkout process.
  7.      Congrats! You just sent a great gift!

Can I schedule a gift card to be sent on a later date? This feature is currently under development and will be available soon. How do I know if my friend received his or her gift card?


How do I redeem a gift card in-store?

  1. Open Swych
  2. Tap MY CARDS at the bottom of the iOS screen or at the top of the Android screen.
  3. Tap the gift card you would like to redeem.
  4. On the details screen of the card, tap the card again and show the cashier the barcode so they can scan it. If there is no barcode, or the barcode is not scanning correctly, ask the cashier to manually type in the gift card number plus any additional PIN, access, or event code.

Redeeming  Rewards

  1. Open the Swych app
  2. Tap Buy or Send (and choose a recipient)
  3. Select the gift card you woud like to purchase
  4. Select the amount
  5. Tap  Reward Points
  6. Select how many points to would like to apply to your purchase. Swych Points equal to the dollar value will be deducted from your purchase.

How do I redeem a gift card online? To redeem a gift card online:

  1. Select the card you would like to use from My Cards 
  2. Tap the gift card to display the gift code in card details.
  3. Either write down the gift code and PIN, or copy the gift code onto your clipboard.
  4. Visit the retailer’s website and choose the items you’d like to buy. For example, go to Amazon.com or Best Buy and put the things you want to purchase into your shopping cart.
  5. When you’re ready to check out, type or paste the gift code into the GIFT CARD field, just like you would with a plastic gift card.  TIP: Make sure that you remove any spaces from the gift code when you copy it over or type it into the retailer’s shopping cart.
  6. Finish checkout and you’re done.

How do I get the balance of my gift card to update? When available, you balance will be updated when you tap the update balance icon. However, when that is not available a screen will appear where you can manually enter the current balance. We’re working hard to enable automatic balance checking with more of our retailers. I am having trouble redeeming my gift card. Sorry to hear! Please give these a try: If you are redeeming a gift card located in the Gifts section of MY CARDS: With gift cards in the GIFTS  section, cards must be issued first. Once cards are issued they no longer be swyched for another gift card.  To have your card issued and ready for use simply tap on the card to view the details screen and tap Claim. Now your card has been issued and when you tap on the card your barcode and gift card details will appear ready for use. If you’re in a store at the cash register:

If you’re shopping online:

If you received a card as a gift and you don’t see the card:

If none of these work, please submit a request to our Swych support team and we’ll get a Swycher to help you out! How do I delete gift cards after I redeemed the full amount? For your security, gift cards from your Swych Wallet are never deleted for good. To remove gift cards from your Swych Wallet, you can choose to archive them.

  1.      In My Cards select the gift card you would like to delete
  2.      Select Archive Card 


How do I upload a gift card to my wallet?

  1.      Tap the icon on the middle right of the app in My Cards on Android, or tap Upload on the bottom right of iOS screen.
  2.      Search for the retailer you want to add.
  3.      Enter the gift card number and PIN with the amount
  4.      Confirm the details and Tap Save Card.

How do I check a balance?

  1.      Select the card that you want to check the balance on
  2.      Select the Refresh button next to the amount on the card

Note: Some retailers do not allow balance checking How do I update a balance?  If you balance doesn’t automatically refresh you can update the balance manually by doing the following:

  1.      Select the card you wish to update the balance for
  2.      Tap the refresh icon
  3.      If the balance is unavailable a pop up will appear where you can manually enter the changes.

Will the physical card still work? Yes, after you upload your gift card to the Swych app, your physical card will still work just the same in-store.


What are Swych Reward Points? Swych Rewards is our loyalty program where you can earn and use points to save on gift card purchases. 1 point is worth a $0.01 discount. How do I earn Swych Reward Points? Swych Reward Points are earned through the Swych Refer a Friend program. The referral program is meant for family and friends. Posting the referral link on a social page to advertise it is against our T&Cs and account can be disabled if we detect misuse of the RAF program.  Every NEW user who signs up for a Swych account with your referral link or referral code will receive $5 off their first purchase, and you will be credited with 500 points (worth $5) that can be used toward your next purchase. Points are applied to your account once per day within 24 to 48 hours of a verified transaction. A maximum of 500 points will be credited in any given 24-hour period. Points earned in excess of 500, will be credited in increments of 500 points daily until all earned points are credited or until the lifetime limit of 10 referrals or 5000 points is reached, whichever comes first. Note that promo codes cannot be combined with referral codes. That means, if your referral code is not used during checkout, a reward credit will not be issued to your account. How much is each Swych Point worth? When redeeming, each Point is worth $0.01 USD. For example, if you have 100 points, you can redeem them for a $1 discount. Where can I see how many Swych Points I’ve earned? Open your app and you should have a tally of how many Swych Points you have at the top center of the side menu in the app. Do my Swych Points expire? Swych Points automatically expire at the end of the following calendar year from when they were earned. For example, Swych Points earned on June 12, 2018 will expire on December 31, 2019. Which is the end of the next calendar year. Can I buy Points? Swych Points cannot be purchased. How do I check out with Swych Points?

  1.      Select the gift card and the amount you would like to purchase
  2.      On the summary page, select the button that says Rewards points  and apply the amount of points you would like use for the purchase.
  3.      If you are buying a card that has a higher value than the total points being used, you can apply any payment option to complete the remaining amount. Swych Points will then be applied toward your purchase!


How do I keep my account safe? Here are some account security best practices that we recommend for our users:

Is my information secure?

It’s important to us to keep you safe We work hard to protect your identity and your data! You’re important to us—we take security very seriously here at Swych. We don’t share your information with third parties, and never sell or distribute private information. Our data is encrypted and securely stored using industry best practices. If you’re asked to verify your identity Occasionally, we ask our customers to follow an identity verification process. This helps us to prevent unauthorized charges. If you are asked to verify your identity, please understand that we are ensuring that you—and only you—are interacting with Swych. It’s no fun, but it helps us to protect your account and keep Swych secure. When you submit your private information to us, all data is transmitted using secure transport with strong cipher suites and stored encrypted using AES256 in a PCI Level 1 compliant environment. All servers, switches, applications and services are monitored continuously to ensure they remain secure.

Can you explain the Unauthorized Charge from Swych on my credit card?

Sorry to hear that! Please submit a request and include the following:

Need additional help? Click here to contact support.