The 2018 Back to School Shopping Guide is Here

The 2018 Back to School Shopping Guide is Here


Are you getting a little overwhelmed with the kids heading back to school? We want to help you tackle that back-to-school shopping list! You know the one full of school supplies, not including the backpacks, lunch boxes, clothes, shoes … well you get the idea.

If you have received a gift card that you haven’t Swyched yet, you could Swych to Amazon. Like most things, Amazon is making that back-to-school supplies kit very easy to find and less stressful for you! You can order it online and have it sent right to your door! Amazon has a list of supplies; just click the ones you want, add it to your card and you’re done! If you have a card that you haven’t Swyched yet, you can Swych it to Amazon! Another option that is incredibly easy option that takes all the guesswork out is You simply put in your zip code, search for your child’s school and click where you would like to purchase the items and it puts everything in your cart for you! Or you can simply take the list to your local store and check items off as you find them (hopefully it’s not too picked through).

Now that we’ve got the supplies taken care of, lets jump right in to the fall fashion trends so your back-to-school kids have the perfect outfits!

Are your kids waiting for you to take them shopping for their first day outfit? Remember that outfit? The one everyone will remember you by? The outfit that makes or breaks your first day back to school? They can’t possibly show up in last year’s clothes! Everyone would know!

Denim is always a must-have

Don’t worry, parents, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the fall must-haves when it comes to fashion!

Believe it or not, a lot of this year’s fall fashion trend is all about denim! There are so many cool ways to spice up those skinny jeans and white T-shirts! If they’ve already got the jeans they can add elements of pop and make it an all new outfit! Hold on to your chairs, keep reading and prepare to go down memory lane or prepare to be shocked, either one will do!

There are so many fall trends for denim this year including denim on denim (eek), mismatched denim, patchwork denim, embroidered denim, you name it, it’s probably a trend. This also makes putting together an outfit a little easier! You can add a plain tee, graphic tee or this year’s must-have sequined tee to any pair of jeans! Throw a neon jacket over that and they are good to go, looking the part for the new school year!

If you’re looking for the perfect denim piece look no further than the GAP, they have the latest trends when it comes to denim your kids are bound to find the perfect pair! Swych those gift cards and let the kids find exactly the right pair for them at the GAP.

Update any look with a great denim jacket

High tops, low tops … it's all about the shoes

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Remember that neon jacket we told you to get? Well you can also layer neon this year! Layer them or simply throw some neon colors over your denim-on-denim-on-denim and it’s the perfect outfit!

Now that we’ve got their essential outfits covered let’s talk about all those must have accessories. Shoes first.

Luckily Converse is always in style, so you can either share with them the pair you’ve had in your closet for years (just kidding that wouldn’t be cool) or Swych those gift cards you’ve been sitting on and grab them a fresh pair! They are easy to match with just about any outfit you can image including jeans, skirts, even dresses! High-top or low-top let them choose and let the shoes work for them all year!

We know the girls are begging for new makeup this year! If you haven’t heard of Milk Makeup you need to head over to Sephora and check them out! Not only is Milk Makeup one of the new trends this year they are vegan, paraben free, cruelty free and so much fun, and we know how important those labels are to your kids! Their slogan is “It’s clean, cool beauty” so you know it’s the new it thing. You can also “Swych” your gift cards to Ulta if they prefer.

Backpacks. We haven’t forgotten about those! It’s probably one of the first things they asked for! You can’t let them go to school with that old torn backpack from last year. We are here to let you in on the newest backpack trends. First things first, mermaid sequins. You know what we’re talking about? The sequins, mostly seen in pillows, you can’t pass by in the store without having little hands touching and begging for a pillow for their room? Well they are in luck because they now have those in backpacks! There is no better way to see a smile on her face than to hand her one of these for the first day of school!

Nothing says shiny and new like sequins

Second on our backpack trend list is ears. Yup, you heard it, ears like unicorn ears or cat ears. You can also throw some pom poms on there and we’ll bet you’ll get some pretty happy campers. Don’t forget to grab the matching lunch box as well! Sending a boy back to school? There is still nothing better than classic durable backpacks such as the adidas or Jansport.

Are your kids going to college this year? Then send them the perfect gift of Bed Bath and Beyond and let them decorate their dorm room with the essential items they may need. Still need electronics this year? Maybe a laptop or tablet for school? Help them or get help by Swyching those gift cards to Best Buy and make the purchase a little easier.

There are so many so many ways Swych can help you with your back to school needs! Don’t miss out on any of the latest trends and help them go back to school in style this year. Swych makes it easy to give the perfect gift every time!


For any occasion simply Give. Get. Swych.