World’s First: Digital Gift Cards you can Give, Get and instantly “Swych” to any brand

World’s First: Digital Gift Cards you can Give, Get and instantly “Swych” to any brand

Plano, TX – August 03, 2016 - Today Swych, Inc. announced the launch of its innovative digital gifting platform and iOS mobile app for US consumers. For the first time, consumers can use this unique app to send “Swychable” gift cards which the recipients can redeem at any of their favorite retailers like Amazon, REI, Sephora and more. Users can also upload and convert physical gift cards into an electronic form and manage all of their electronic gift cards in the easy to use the app. Swych mobile app users can also enjoy exclusive discounts from selected brands generated by the unique recommendation engine of the Swych platform.

Swych delivers a smart and connected user experience that delights both the sender and the recipient. From their smartphone, anyone can instantly send an e-gift card with a few clicks and personalize it for the recipient with custom messages and photos. The gift is instantly delivered in a matter of seconds via text or email. The recipient can then “Swych” to an e-gift card of their preferred brand, get bonus cash from selected brands and deliver their thanks to the sender in just a few clicks. Swych users can also sync their gift cards in Apple Wallet for convenient access anytime anywhere. This never before user experience ensures superior user satisfaction by delivering a relevant gift every time.

“The gift card market, while growing in popularity with consumers, has been riddled with old technology and an obsolete user experience. Our vision is to make digital, the preferred method of gifting, by leveraging modern technology, advanced security, and connectivity that today’s consumer expects,’ said Deepak Jain, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Swych Inc. “People simply do not want to carry around ten or twenty plastic gift cards in their purse or wallet. Nor do they want to be stuck with gift cards they received for merchants they have no current need for. Swych delivers a relevant gift every time for the recipient and peace of mind for the sender that their gift will not go unused”.

Gift Card Self-Gifting has more than doubled in the past three years. The Swych mobile app brings personalized discounts, promotions, and deals directly to the user for a convenient way to save, shop, and spend. The integrated Swych Rewards program allows users to earn one point for every dollar spent in rewards to be used for future purchases within the app.

Swych Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Offer Robert Sabella adds that, “Swych is the first company to introduce this game changing model where the brand decision making for the gift shifts from the sender to the recipient. The unique promise of a satisfied recipient is the perfect reason to skip the inconvenient stop at a physical store and use the Swych app to send your next gift card“.

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Swych's patent-pending mobile gifting platform enables users to send “Swychable” gifts from their mobile device that can be instantly redeemed for electronic gift cards of more than 90 popular brands. Swych users can instantly buy, send, regift, upload, Swych and redeem gift cards conveniently from their mobile device. Swych is a private company funded by seasoned angel investors from the banking, financial services, payments, gifting, telecom and enterprise computing space. Swych’s headquarters are in Plano, Texas with offices in San Francisco, CA.

Swych was formed in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs, Deepak Jain and Robert Sabella. Product Development and Operations are headed by Anu Shultes who is a well-known and highly respected gift card industry expert. Marketing is headed by Stephanie Barrueto and Product Engineering by Linda Yang.

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