Swych Biz

What Swych can do for your business?

A digital gifting and shopping service for the global citizen. 

The Easiest Way to Buy & Gift Digital Cards. Ever.

Gifting as a service


Swych’s award winning Gifting-as-a-Service platform eliminates the time consuming and expensive setup of plastic gifting and replaces it with a quick and easy SDK and API for enterprises to completely digitize and simplify incentive programs. With this white label program anyone can send a perfect incentive quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

Rebates, Rewards & Incentive Fulfillment


Swych powers both reward redemption and incentive programs with a mobile-first, highly secure, context-aware platform while providing useful behavioral and consumer consumption data, greatly improving customer satisfaction and ROI of your loyalty program. With Swych, you can configure and prioritize the redemption options to your exact program, promote special brands or choose to offer open loop gift options.

Cross Border Gifting


Currently, cross-border gifting is a painful process. The existing gift selection and delivery mechanisms are inefficient, time consuming and error-prone. The customer experience is far from delightful. Swych solves this problem and is pioneering global disruption by creating a global digital Swychable gift.

Swych Blockchain Labs


Swych helps you leverage blockchain technology to unlock the hidden potential of blockchain for your business.  We help you rapidly develop, launch, and grow transformational digital products and platforms on blockchain.  With a last mile redemption platform, users can now unlock digital assets and achieve token liquidity.  

Swych features


Customize your program with images or personalize for occasions, festivals and even the end user.  Attach a video to your disbursement to engage better with your consumer and deliver a superior experience.  

Digital wallet interaction

Swych not only delivers the e-gift card instantly, but also allows your users to sync it with their preferred mobile wallets.  Free your users from the clutter of email and plastic.  

Social Media Integration

Swych can also bring your program cia GiftBotsTM to social communication platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, GroupMe, Siri and Alexa . The Swych GiftBot platform uses an open and extensible artificial intelligence layer that enables much more than just account information.  

Intelligent Data Insights

Receive better intelligence on your users.  What brands do they prefer? Are they redeeming it for themselves or gifting it to someone else?  Which personalized messages work and which don’t? Collect feedback from users about redemption, behaviors, trends and usage metrics directly from the Swych platform.  

Participating Retailers

Why Choose Swych?

Deliver the perfect gift to your customers.  Smarter, flexible, social, data-driven global gifting with Swych. 

The Swych mobile app is a person-to-person mobile gifting solution ideal for sending meaningful and relevant gifts to remote friends and family.  Users can: 

Buy Gift Cards

Send Personalized Gifts

Upload and Manage Plastic Gift Cards

Swych Received Gifts to Favorite Brands

With the smartest P2P global gifting technology, available gifts can be instantly funded using any digital wallet.  gift recipients can then turn them into real e-gifts from brands they want when they want them. 

Highly personalized gifts are curated in the app using original themed cards, brand suggestions, a personal picture and a customized message for the recipient.  With the industry’s most advanced fraud management engine, the Swych Cloud Platform ensures highly secure and instant transactions.  Integrat with the Swych Platform today! 


Reloaded an Upcoming Major Telco Wallet
Retail Tourism

In an exciting partnership with a major Telco, the Swych gift card platform is automatically loaded into 3m+ high-end smartphones supporting a new Mobile Pay Solution.  Users will be able to buy and send swychable gifts from their smartphone with a tap.  

5M of Chinese travelers with WeChat wallets come to the US every year and spend upwards of $30B, expected to double by 2020.  In a unique partnership with Travelex, Swych created a solution for travelers to shop at US retailers in a cashless, frictionless, convenient and delightful manner and without any additional FX fees.  


Slick Deals


Starting as a customer acquisition and loyalty project, Remit2India leveraged Swych’s platform to thank its US customers for sending remittances back to family members in India.  That has grown into a partnership where Remit2India will offer Swych digital gift cards to all its customers.  Remit2India enables millions of customers across USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland, to remit money to their loved ones in India.  Swych has long seen users sending cash as gifts to loved ones on occasions due to the lack of credible options.  Swych’s entire gift card portfolio will be offered gradually across all the geographies where Remit2India operates offering its customers an unparalleled catalog of gift cards globally.  

Getting rewarded for shopping is great! Slick Deals leveraged Swych to power its rebates program to say thanks to its customers.  With Swych, Slick Deals was able to configure redemption options for their specific program and reward customers with a choice of digital gift cards they love.  These rewards keep customers engaged and, of course, drive more purchases.  The Swych platform provides a mobile-first, highly secure, context-aware and intelligent platform that provides useful behavioral and consumer insights.