Cut The Plastic

Join us in Protecting our Ocean, one Gift Card at a Time.

Over a billion gift cards are printed every year, that’s roughly 9,000 tons of plastic that end up in our oceans. With your help, Swych is ready to change that. Join us in cutting the plastic in gifting, and for every card you upload we’ll make a contribution to Plastic Bank to help clean our oceans! Share a pic of your commitment to cut plastic and we’ll send you 10% off your next gift card! 


We’ll Make A 10 Cent Contribution for Every Gift Card Uploaded

1.6 Billion Plastic Gift Cards are Printed Each year

Swych is on a mission to reduce plastic in our oceans by giving you a convenient, digital, and consumer-centric alternative.


Make the Swych and start sending gifts that bring joy without hurting our oceans.



Download Swychin Google Play or  iTunes App Store    



Upload your gift cards. We’ll donate 10 cents for every card you upload. Upload up to 20 in one month and get 50 rewards points.  



1.   Take a screenshot of your “MY CARDS” tab in the Swych app, tag 10 friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with #cuttheplastic. Then tell us why cutting plastic with the help of Swych is important to you and we’ll also send you a coupon for 10% off. Don’t forget to tag us!



Plastic Bank fights ocean plastic and alleviates extreme poverty by empowering disenfranchised communities to turn pollution into wealth. Collected plastic can be exchanged by local residents for rewards such as cash, digital tokens, school tuition, healthcare, and insurance. Membership Bonuses are added to rewards to ensure stable and fair wages for our Members. The plastic is then recycled into raw material, called Social Plastic®, and used to manufacture new products. We call this circular economy the Social Plastic Ecosystem.



To participate in Cut the Plastic, you must use the Swych mobile app.  Click here to download the app.

You must upload an image of the plastic gift card, along with the gift card number, and PIN if applicable. Once uploaded, you must take a picture of the front of plastic gift card(s) along with a screenshot of the card(s) displayed in UPLOADED section of the MY CARDS screen in the Swych app.

You must tag ten (10) or more friends when you post the picture and screenshot on your social media account (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) with #CutThePlastic. Include a quick comment of how uploading your plastic gift card to @GoSwych generates a donation to help save our oceans.

Swych will donate $0.10 for every card – up to a total of 20– that is both uploaded to the Swych mobile app AND shared via social media with the hashtag #CutThePlastic.  Donations will be made quarterly. Program ends December 31, 2019.

If you include 10 uploaded cards in a single social media post, you will receive a coupon code for 10% off a future purchase through Swych. Coupon codes will be awarded month.  Coupon codes can only be redeemed toward purchases made within the Swych mobile app. Program ends December 31, 2019.

If you upload 20 or more gift cards in your Swych mobile account in a single calendar month, you will receive 50 points to use toward a purchase within the Swych mobile app, limited to 50 points per user and two users per household.  Points will be awarded monthly. Points can only be redeemed toward purchases made within the Swych mobile app. Program ends December 31, 2019.